Puppy/Adult Group Classes

*Coming Soon*

Class are kept small and personal, this is to ensure everyone gets the attention and help that they need.

We train for real life scenarios, so classes are mixed age/ability.

We cover essential pet-dog life skills like recall, loose lead walking and polite greetings to give owners a level of safety, reassurance and peace of mind.

Classes are reward based, utilising modern, ethical and effective training techniques to achieve results.

Classes are progressive, so each week we apply another layer onto the lessons from the previous class.

There are no tests and no pressure.  Go at your and your dog’s pace and just enjoy yourself.Suitable for vaccinated puppies and adult dogs of all abilities.

**Please note that choke chains, prong collars, e-collars and any equipment
designed to tighten and restrict are not permitted**

**Please ensure your dog is wearing a flat collar (harness preferable) with a lead of suitable length.  

For safety reasons, dogs without harnesses can not be fitted with a long-line for recall or other distance exercises**

£65 for a 6-week course.